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I left out the following sentences on the same theme. Thank you.

1) He also sees that his prison is square and that the wall is covered with iron, with horrible figures, such as skeletons. The floor, instead, is made of stones.
2) The ceiling is thirty to forty feet overhead and is similar to the wall. Hanging from one of the iron plates he sees a huge pendulum that seems to be moving.
3) Then he hears a noise and sees lots of enormous rats coming up from the pit, attracted by the smell of the food. He cannot move because he is now bound to a wooden board by a long strap.
4) Looking up at the pendulum, he realizes that its movement has become wider and quicker and that it is coming down. Its lower part was of bright steel, about a foot long; the horns were upwards and the bottom was as sharp as that of a razor.
5) It hung from a brass rod and it hissed as it swung through the air.
He believes the pit is the destiny the monks had prepared for him. It is typical of hell and is considered as the last instrument of their punishment.
6) He decides to put some meat on the strap that binds him, hoping that the rats will eat it and free him before being killed by the pendulum.

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    1. Change "instead" to "on the other hand" and keep the commas in place.

    2. OK

    3. OK

    4. Verb tenses?

    5. Verb tenses? Also remove "as" before "the last instrument"

    6. OK

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