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hi! I am having problems with my caculator. it is the complex kind of caculator. I have been trying to play around with it. when ever I use decimals with multiplication, division, subtraction, and addition, the answer is a fraction. doea anybody know how to use these kinds of caculators?

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    Yes, I bought one like that recently.
    It was a Sharp ELW535X which displays maths expressions on multiple lines (by default). Therefore if I calculate 2/3= it gives me a fraction.

    To get decimal, I pressed
    and it the gave me 0.666666666 as answer.

    However, every calculator is made differently, so you'll need to post the model of your calculator in order that someone could help you.

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    If it is the Casio fx-83ES (very popular in schools) and similar which also does this, press the S<>D key when the fraction is in the display and this will convert the fraction to a decimal.

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    thank you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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