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what are some technical and behavioral skill of a call center?i cant think of any..i just think that call center anser phone calls...can you suggest me some?thanks

  • training -

    ~ knowledgeable about technical aspects of whatever the call center is for
    ~ very fluent in the language(s) of the callers

    ~ friendly
    ~ calm
    ~ polite

    What else can you think of?

  • training -

    You need to think through a call centre phone call and what the call centre operator might be doing while you are making the call.

    Let say it is a call to an insurance company.

    The operator will need to be PC literate to be able to input data while answering a call. This requires keyboard skills as well as knowledge of the company's s/w packages and IT. An ability to type while talking is another useful skill.

    The operator needs to be understood by the caller, so needs to have a good command of the language (e.g. english) and have reasonable diction. A very strong regional(or country) accent is not helpful when needing to be understood by a wide range of callers.

    Many call centres operators do not get a break between calls and the job can seem relentless, so an ability to deal with stress is a necessary behavioural skill.

    I am sure you can think of many others.

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