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I'd like you to check these sentences on the same subject. Thank you.

1)The police appeared completely satisfied that nothing criminal had occurred in the house. However, they continued to chat idly, staying much longer than the narrator had expected. 2) By and by, he began to hear a rhythmic ringing in his head. While he was talking with the police, the noise–which had the cadence of a ticking watch but a much louder sound–persisted, becoming more distinct.
3)A moment later, he concluded that the rhythmic ringing was outside of him. Still, he talked on, now more loudly. The policemen did not seem to hear the noise.
4) When it grew even louder, he rose and began arguing with the officers about trivial matters, punctuating his conversation with wild hand movements. He also paced back and forth.
5) Then he raved and cursed and dragged his chair over the floorboards, all in an apparent attempt to drown out the noise he was hearing. Meanwhile, it grew still louder, and louder, and louder.

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    All is fine.

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