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I have to deliver a speech about a current global issue and I have picked the financial crisis in the US, including poverty, and immigration (since it's so broad)
The main part of this assignment is to pick a person that has influenced this issue, and talk a little about that person. Then include your own personal opinion.
I was hoping someone on here could help me find a person for this topic so I could get started. (The individual does not have to be well known)
Thank you!

  1. SraJMcGin

    Try some of the following links for information:

    1. financial crisis =

    2. immigration crisis =


  2. Ms. Sue

    You might consider Alan Greenspan.

    The stock market was booming and most people believed that it would continue to rise. Then Greenspan gave his "irrational exuberance" speech. Many people pooh-poohed his view -- but it did send a note of caution to more conservative investors.



  3. y912f

    I found this guy, Robert Kuttner, who has written a few books on this topic. I think he might be a good example for my speech. But I need help figuring out what are his exact views on this topic, I mean I obviously don't have time to read the books. So..what should I search?

  4. Ms. Sue

    Google him and see what you find.

  5. y912f

    hmm..thanks for that -.-

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