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'choose any of the motifs and complete a piece of creative writing in any genre that uses that theme as a basis. you may also use that theme or motif, as long as you can justify the presence of that theme in the novel. You may write a short story play, personal narritive or memoir, poem, or any other genre. The sole requirement is that your writing focuses upon the theme(s)/motif(s) of your choice.'

I don't understand are we supposed to do an essay about the book or if i do a memoir chose a theme from the book and write about it in my memoir having to do nothing with the book. ex 1: memoir about me rembering someone who has done personal sacrifice. ex2: memoir on how the story compares to my experiences.

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    An essay is not usually considered "a piece of creative writing." If I were you, I'd choose a motif or theme and write either a short story or a memoir. (The only difference between the two is that a short story is fiction, while a memoir is something you remember about your own life.)

    What are the choices of theme or motif you have been given?

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