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can you please improve these two sentences. im tryingtosay like the newly rich try to act as if their high class but they don't get accepted even if they have money. the majordiffference between the ric and the high class, is manner.
here is my sentence:

Potentially, any individual from any social class could, make a fortune. Many of these newly rich try to imitate the high class, nevertheless find themselves excluded. Among the high class, the behaviors of the newly rich disparage them distinctively.

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    I wish I knew the context here.

    You use words such as high class, which is to me, totally without meaning. I have traveled in many circles, and frankly, I have never met a "high class" person.

    I think you are speaking of social groups, not class. In that light, would this work?

    As a matter of chance, any person can have a fortune. But fortune does not determine social standing, and many newly rich find themselves outsiders excluded from entering the social world of the traditional socially elite, the power and tradition set. Money in and of itself, is not the entry key.

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    yes social groups and thank you !!!

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