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which of the following is an example of a clerial duty a teacher aide might be asked to do?
(a)assist students who are working in a small group
(b)supervise an after school detention room
(c)maintain classroom files and records(my answer)
(d)tutor an individual student

as a supervisor what type of attitude should you have towards coworkers at school?
(a)an attitude of superiority
(b)a friendly positive attitude(my answer)
(c)a competitive attitude
(d)an attitude of inferority

if a student doesnt return a book on time to the library what is the first thing you should do?
(A)send a bill to the parents
(b)send a first overdue notice(my answer)
(c)send a pickup slip
(d)send a second overduw notice

what is the main purpose of a hall monitor or a lavatery monitor?
(a)to make sure the students don't talk
(b)to ensure students safety and to prevent misbehavior(my answer)
(c)to protect the school property
(d)to assist with fire drills and earthquake drills

when youre checking out books where should you put the checkout card?
(a)in the card catalog
(b)in the shelf list
(c)in the reserve self
(d)in the circulation file (my answer)


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