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student supervision

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which of the following infectious disease accounts for 60 to 80 percent of all school infections?
(a)upper-respitary infections (my answer)
(b)pink eye
(d)hepatisis a and b

which of the following statements about playground moniters is correct?
(a)youre not responsible for the cleanliness of the playground
(b)it doesnt matter if you know the rules of the playground the students are playing
(c)you need to keep a watchful eye for possible hazards (my answer)
(d)youre not responsible for clothing and equipment left on the playground at the end of the period

what is a good technique to follow when youre supervising a reading group?
(a)ignore the mistakes a student makes
(b)when a student comes to an unknown word say what it is
(c)concentrate on correct words rather than correct expressions and punctuation
(d)begin with the students own story or one that the student chooses(my answer)

which of the following procedures should you follow in a real fire or in a fire drill?
(a)if your inside stay inside
(b)evacuate the building as quickly as possible(my answer)
(c)take cover under a table or desk
(d)wait to see if its a real fire or not

please check my answers ms sue

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    Of course! All of your answers are right.

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    thanks ms sue

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    You're welcome, Susue.

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