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Can you help me write these out in an algebraic expression?
1. Seven less than twice a number equals 19.

2.Eight decreased by 3 times a number equals 2.

3. The sum of two times a number and 5 is 11.

Is this right?
x/8 + -1/2 = 6

My answer: x=44

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    no. Add 1/2 to each side
    multiply both sides by 8

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    Thank you so much! Just redid it, and got it right:) anyways, what about the other questions though?

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    1. Seven less than twice a number equals 19

    2n - 7 = 19

    2.Eight decreased by 3 times a number equals 2

    8 - 3n = 2

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    Thank You So Much<3 love you guys.

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    3. 2n+5=11

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