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3. Moving Costs

Moving company A charges $80 plus $55 an hour to move households across town. Moving Company B charges $75 an hour for cross-town moves. For what lengths of time is Moving Company B more expensive than Moving Company A? Write an inequality and solve for time t.

Show your work not just the final answer.

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    I am not inclined to show work for someone to copy.

    costeach= costperhour*time + fixedcost
    In one, the fixed cost is zero.

    find time when both are equal (set the two cost equations equal to each other).
    then, for times greater than that, Company B is costlier, and for times less than that, Company A is costlier.

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    Iam wanting help i do not want you to do it for me. I just needed it broken down in order to answer Thank you for your help.

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    80 + 55 + 55 + 55 + 55

    75 + 75 + 75 + 75

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    Thank you for you answer Ms Sue.

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