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Aggression is verbal or physical behavior intended to cause harm. It is difficult to think that we participate in aggressive behavior, and yet we all do at some level and at some point in our lives. We know that no one theory is ever completely accurate in describing a behavior – especially one as complex as aggression.

Please elaborate, on which (one) of the three below that, you feel is most accurate. Choose one that you feel is most accurate.

Theories of Aggression

1). Aggression as a Biological Phenomenon

2). Aggression as a Response to Frustration

3). Aggression Behavior as a Learned Social Behavior

My Answer

I see validity in all three theories; I feel that the Frustration Aggression Theory holds true based on my professional and personal interactions in life.

My Question to Jiskha Experts

To illustrate, since this theory clearly demonstrates how frustration serves as a sort of "trigger" or catalyst for aggressive behaviors and does not just happen out of the blue, I find it to be so relevant.

This theory also shows how interconnected frustration and aggression truly are since this theory also asserts that aggression is always caused by frustration, and aggression is prompted by frustration. I like this "two-way street" sort of logic here.


How do you feel about it?

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    I agree with you. Whenever I've been aggressive, I've definitely been frustrated. I've lashed out at the person whom I perceive as causing my aggression.

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    Thank you

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    The only problem I have with that is that frustration can lead to non-aggressive behaviors also, such as problem solving, finding alternative goals and rewards, and alternate solutions to the non achievement of goals/desires.

    In Girl Scouts, we teach Girls as future leaders how to solve frustration with non-aggressive behaviors, to be winners, without pounding others into submission.

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    I also see some validity in all three theories. However, watch out when you are forced to make a choice.

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