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1. Make a scatterplot of the data in the viewing rectanlge[19030,2010,10]by[0,6,1].
2. Find the quadratic function given by
f(x)=a(x-h)2+k that models the data.
3. Estimate the minimum wage in 1976 and compare it to the actual value of $2.30.
4.Estimate when the wage was $1.00.
5.If current trends continue,predict the minimum wage in 2009. Compare it to the projected value of $7.25.
This is the chart below:
Year: 1940 1968 1997
Wages($)0.25 1.60 5.15

  • Math -

    If a car traveling at 80 miles per hour on a slippery road, then its distance D in feet can be caluculated by D=6400/80*1/x, where x is the coefficient of friction between the tires on the road and 0<x>1.
    a. Multiply and simplify the fromula for D.
    b. Compare the stopping distance on an icy road withh x=0.2 and on dry pavement with x=0.7.

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