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What are all values of x for which |2x-3| < 7 ?

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    1, 2, 3, 4

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    If 2x-3 > 0, which means x >or 1.5,
    Ms Sue has provided some but not all possible values of x.

    First assume 2x-3 >0
    This requires x > 1.5, and
    2x-3 < 7
    That means x < 5.

    Therefore 1.5 < x < 5 are answers.

    If 2x < 3, which means x < 1.5,
    3 - 2x < 7
    x > -2
    Therefore -2 < x < 1.5 are answers

    Put them together and you find that -2 < x < 5 is the range of answers.

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