Pen Foster

posted by melanie

checking my answers in Introduction to Allied Health anyone have that one?

  1. Ms. Sue

    Jiskha tutors do not supply answers for any class.

    Please read Penn-Foster's cheat policy.

  2. bobpursley

    IT beats me why anyone would hire a Penn-Foster graduate, so many of those students openly cheat (see an internet search on Penn Foster answers)

  3. Anonymous

    Why student cheat? Known one want to fial, the cost you paid for classes that's WHY people ask for help from other student. Not only pennforster student do this . ALL ONLINE STUDENT ASK FOR HELP WHO EVERY ATTEND online COLLEGE. I LIKE PENNFORSTER SCHOOL.
    No, I don't like cheater my self. So that mean the money you pay at pennforster school ARE ANY School teachers are part that price so use them for your question.

  4. duh

    students from any school can be cheaters

  5. rob

    drama exam

  6. Mr D

    I feel the need to jump in here on the cheating issue. I happen to be a Penn Foster enrollee and I can't tell you how unhappy I am with this school! Students tend to cheat when they realize, often too late they chose the wrong school and the teaching and student help staff has a rather spare tire that happens to be flat attitude! Often students looking for answers are not cheating, they are looking to work the problems in reverse because of such poor instructional help! I find myself in this category since I paid good money for this and I can honestly say for the most part, it has been wasted!! My Advice to those looking to go back to school? Do NOT go Penn Foster!! Find a school that offers financial aid and has real classrooms where you can form study groups when necessary! Cheating happens most often when your school choice is also your biggest mistake!

  7. Susan

    Penn Foster is spelled with 2 n's. Penn Foster. It's not about the school it's about the student. Cheating happens when the student wants an easy ride. It is about what you make it.. I'm a Vet Tech student with Penn Foster. It's not perfect but neither is brick and mortar. Do what's best for you, don't let anyone elses opinion decide your fate. Some of you need to learn to spell..

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