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Your household cash flow helps to determine this C: Capacity
Under these __________, you may still be approved with a cosigner Conditions

This demonstrates how much your assets are worth. (Capital)

Using your car or house as a promise to pay (Collateral)

This makes you a better credit risk to the lender (Character)

Lenders will evaluate your debt-payment ratio. (Capacity)

The lender is taking your unique situation under consideration. (?)

Previous credit history (Character)

This shows how long you have worked for your employer and if you have obtained an education. (Character)

Having more at stake may make you less likely to default on a loan.(Capacity)

The 5 C's of credit - Are these the correct answers?

  • What subject? Financial _____? -

    They all look right to me except the one with the question mark, of course. "Conditions" would be the best there.

  • fp 101 -


  • fp 101 -

    Some of these are wrong and I would suggest reading what the 5 C's are.

  • fp 101 -


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