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. A water heater can has a power of 350 W. It is placed in a container filled with 1 litres of water with a temperature of 40 ºC. The heater is then allow to run for 1 hour. How much water will there be left in the container after 1 hour? (Specific heat capacity of water = 4200 J/kg K and specific latent heat of vaporization = 2260 000 J/kg K)

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    1 liter of water has a mass of 1.00 kg

    Energy added in one hour =
    3600 s * 350 J/s = 1.26*10^6 J

    Energy required to heat all of the water to 100C (the boiling point) =
    1 kg*60 K*4200 J/kgK = = 2.52*10^5 J

    Energy available to boil water =
    1.26*10^6 - 0.252*10^6 = 0.998*10^6 J

    Amount that boils away
    = 0.998*10^6 J/2.26*10^6 J/kg
    = 0.44 kg

    The amount left will be 0.56 kg.

    Notye: The units of the latent heat of vaporization should be J/kg, NOT J/kg*K

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