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How were the traditional Southeast Asian farmers affected by European colonization?

A. They became wealthy from the rising values of the cash crops they grew and exported to Europe.
B. Unable to compare with large landowners, they were forced to leave their land and work on the plantations.
C. They lost their land when European colonists converted vast tracts of farmland into forests and exported the wood to European markets.
D. They prospered when the Europeans divided large plantations into smaller parcels of land, which were distributed to small-scale farmers.

28. What information would be the most helpful in drawing inferences about why certain countries in Southeast Asia have a large number of Muslims?

A. knowing what countries in the region were colonized by France
B. knowing what countries were ruled by China in the past
C. knowing the location of Southwest Asian trade routes
D. knowing languages spoken by people in this region



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    Oops left this out

    Which of the following problems is not a result of Egypt's growing population?

    A. overcrowded cities
    B. emigration of educated professionals to other countries
    C. a diminishing food supply
    D. widespread unemployment
    I'm just about sure its either A or C

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    First: I agree.

    28. Languages don't have much to do with religion. How did Islam get to southeast Asia?

    Last: Please reread the question. It's not A or C.

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