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I still have to include a few more exercises. Thank you very much.

1) Complete the sentences with must/mustn’t, have to/don’t have to, should/shouldn’t (9 pts.)

1) My mum is angry with me. I ................ stay in my room an study in the afternoon. 2) Stop that, Luke! You ............ speak while you’re eating. 3) John ………. take the car, we can go on foot. 4) I really think you……… go to bed. You look exhausted. 5) I ………….do the washing up when my mum is busy. 6) I .............. leave the party early last night. I didn’t feel very well. 7) You ............ buy any food. There’s enough food in the house. 8) You................. cross the street when the traffic lights are red. 9) .......... you.............. move to Oxford when you father found a job there?

I forgot to add these two sentences.
We called Carol last night but she wasn't in.
Who did you call last night?
My friends spent their holiday in ItAly.
Where did you friends spend their holiday?

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    Again -- press the Enter key to arrange these sentences in a list. It's very hard to read as you have them, unseparated as in a paragraph.

    The spaces in 9) don't make sense to me.

    Watch the spelling of Italy.

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