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Show all work. Any answer given with just an answer will be counted wrong. Also, Show the graph and shaded region as needed or it will be counted wrong. Make sure to answer the question using the steps of hypothesis testing. a.) state the hypothesis, b.) Select the level of significance, c.) Identify the test statistics, d.) Formulate a decision rule, e.) Work the problem arrive at a Decision, f.) State your decision, g.) What is your conclusion and how sure are you about your decision, use the p-value

1.You are about to fly to home for the holiday. Happy to get home, you tell your mother that if ticket prices have increased on average above $267 you won’t be able to come home. Looking online you collect the following sample below. Is it safe to conclude that the mean fare has increased? Better yet, will you be coming home for the holiday? Assume that N = 50 meaning that the mean and the STD for your sample of 13 would be exactly the same if you selected 50 observation.
Compare/contrast your conclusion by using the same calculation results to the other table, T or Z.


2. Many of the grocery stores have used a self checkout system. You are thinking about firing one of the employees and buying one of the machines. You call Nicholas Hill in to the office and you tell him to count the number of people who use the self checkout for 15 days at a local store. If more than 100 people per day use the machine, Nicholas will be terminated. Below is a list of people who use the machine per day at the local store. Is it reasonable to fire Nicholas from his job at the .05 significance level? Compare/contrast your conclusion by using the same calculation results to the other table, T or Z.


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