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when graphing greater than, less than, etc. do you shade and if you do which way do I shade?

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    Graphing Linear Inequalities

    1. Graph the boundary line. This is done by using an equal sign instead of
    the inequality sign. The boundary line
    is a dotted line if there's no equal sign in the inequality.

    2. Shade the area that contains the solution. The solution is all points
    above or below the boundary line. If
    your inequality is y > 2x-4, the solution is above(>)the. If the inequality is y < 2x-4, the solution
    is below(<) the line. Choose any point (x,y)in the shaded area and it will
    satisfy your inequality. If you have a solid boundary line,y =< 2x-4, all
    points on the boundary line should also satisfy the inequality.

    I hope this will help.

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