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what is the factor of a^3 - 2a + 4?
please help me guys. :(

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    A cubic has to have at least one zero.
    If the expression has rational factors, there would be at least one linear factor fininishing in 1,2,4 or -1,-2,-4, since the coefficient of a^3 is 1.

    For f(a)=a^3 - 2a + 4
    So check f(1),f(2),... and which factor is in f(a). Do a long division and try to factor the remaining quadratic.

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    Sorry, the last paragraph is not clear.
    If f(a0)=0, then (x-a0) is a factor of f(a). So check and see which of f(1),f(2)...=0 and hence find a rational factor of f(a).
    If f(-1)=0, then (a+1) is a factor.
    Do a long division and factor the remaining quadratic.

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