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An ant walks on a piece of graph paper straight along the x axis a distance of 10.0 cm in 2.00 s. It then turns left 30.0 degrees and walks in a straight line another 10.0 cm in 1.90 s. Finally, it turns another 70.0 degrees to the left and walks another 10.0 cm in 1.40 s.

A. Determine the x component of the ant's average velocity.

*** I don't know how to find the x or y coordinates for this problem!!***

B. Determine the y component of the ant's average velocity.

C. Determine the magnitude of ant's average velocity.

D. Determine the direction of ant's average velocity.

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    I assume you have had some trignometry.

    x component=10+10cos30 + 10cos(70+30)

    go through that and make certain you understand it. I will be happy to check your y component.

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    I got the x-component to be: 10+8.66+3.42 which is 22.08.

    But I also have to divide that by the total time that the ant traveled, right? So that time would be 5.3?

    I got 4.166 when I divided it but the correct answer it supposed to be 3.19.

    I really don't know how to get that answer. Could you please check my work please?

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    Well, the time is right, 5.3seconds.

    The problem is, what is cosine100? It is negative right?

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