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A curve of radius 161 m is banked at an angle of 12°. An 840-kg car negotiates the curve at 94 km/h without skidding. Neglect the effects of air drag and rolling friction. Find the following.

(a) the normal force exerted by the pavement on the tires

(b) the frictional force exerted by the pavement on the tires

(c) the minimum coefficient of static friction between the pavement and the tires

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    centripetal acceleration along the slope:


    friction force:

    gravity down the slope:
    mg (sinTheta)

    set gravity down+friction=centripetal all along the slope, of course.

    set them equal

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    Ah I see thank you, I had tried a different setup before which got me the wrong answer. But this helps a bunch thanks!

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