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When water falls from the top of the waterfall,at the victoria falls in zimbabwe,the temperature of the water at the top is less than the temperature at the bottom.If 180.5g of water falls a distance of 125.0m, calculate the increase in temperature of the water ,when it reaches the bottom.Take g=10.0m/s2

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    On the first sentence, total nonsense, the water at the bottom is COOLER because of heat absorbtion by evaporation.

    But assuming one lives in NeverNever land, where there is no evaporation, and the base water is hotter, then workdonebygravity=heatinbasepool

    masswater*g*height= masswater*specficheat*changtemp
    solve for change in temp.

    Arrrrgggg "take g=10.0m/s^2" aRRRRRGGGG. Nowwhere on the Earth is it that. One might take it as 100m/s^2, if you want to live in fiction land. Goodness. Why don't we just take the denstiy of gold to be 1g/cm^3, while we are doing such stuff.

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