to kill a mockingbird

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what is the moment where boo radley and miss maudie BRING at reaction from Scout?? i Don't get the questions !!do we have to explain the moment when scout reacts toward to Boo radley and miss maudie? can i answer it like this: the moment where Boo radley bring at reaction from Scout is when ........... plzzzzzzzzzzz helpp me to answer this question thanksss

  • to kill a mockingbird -

    what is the moment where boo radley and miss maudie BRING at reaction from Scout?

    This makes no sense. The phrasing "bring at reaction" needs complete clarification. Is this in print somewhere? Or did your teacher give the question verbally?

    Please clarify, and someone will try to help you.

  • to kill a mockingbird -

    You could try some of the following links, all about this story:

    If you get to see the old black and white movie with Gregory Peck, it illustrates this story quite well.


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