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Raise the quantity in parentheses to the indicated exponent, and simplify the resulting expression. Express answers with positive exponents (-33xy^-1/66x^0y^-3)^2

This is the answer i am getting from TRYING to follow my online book. Please Help Me. Thank You!

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    I would rethink this. Lets do it in parts:
    whole numbers( -33/66)^2= (-1/2)^2= 1/4
    x values (x/x^0)^2= x^2
    y values (y^-1/Y-3)^2=(y^3-1)^2= y^4

    overall: x^2 * y^4 /4

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    Thanks for your help. I wasn't even using the ^2 outside the parenthesis. Thank YOu!

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