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Punctuate and capitalize the following sentences appropriately.

1. next year the company plans to open offices in seattle washington boise idaho and harrisburg pennsylvania


Next year the company plans to open offices in Seattle, Washington, Boise, Idaho and Harrisburg, Pennsylvania.

2. the question is who will sign the patient's discharge summary


The question is, who will sign the patient's discharge summary?

Thank you


    One more comma is needed in #1.
    See #6 and let me know what you think about the second sentence.



    1. Do you put a comma after Idaho

    2. #6. = quotation marks.

    The question is, "Who will sign the patient's discharge summary?"


    The question is: who will sign the patient's discharge summary?


    Still waiting for an answer to the corrected answers.

    Thanks again for your help

    I printed off the commas section on that website. Thanks


    Yes, your corrections (comma after Idaho and the comma and quotation marks) are good ones.

    (Sorry for not staying awake last night!!)

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