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I am working on an assignment that requires we write out our thesis statement and then write paragraphs that support this. Can I get your feedback on what I have so far?

Thesis Statement:

Even though having a credit card can help teach financial responsibility with some, overall a credit card company should not be allowed to market to students on campus.

Beginning of first paragraph(rough draft):

A college age student is not mature enough to make long term financial decisions. One common misconception among students is that the use now pay later method is an easy way to obtain the the things they want versus what is actually needed (insert citation of support here). In recent years there has been a dramatic increase in credit card usage among college students which has led to concerns that this behavior is putting them at great risk for high debt levels and misuse of credit after graduation (Angela. C Lyons 2004). Student can easily obtain a credit card but most will not fully understand the terms that these cards carry, such as fees and associated costs that are often hidden in the fine print of the contracts (insert here citation supporting this fact). What most students will not realize is that the debt they accumulate today can and will follow them into the coming years, which can lead to long term financial problems.

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    college-age student
    long-term financial

    Good start. I remember my newphew got a free credit card in college, unbeknownst to his parents, and when he incurred a large debt that he could not pay. When his mother was contacted, she said he should not have been given the credit card in the first place, that he was legally an adult, and she did not intend to pay his debt!


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    Where are the supporting paragraphs??

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    This is where I am having trouble apparently, determining if what I have written can be considered a supporting paragraph. I thought what I had was the beginning of such, but I assume from the question that it wouldn't. I will continue to work on this and resubmit for additional feedback. Thank you!

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