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Media Influences on American Culture

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Take the role of Director of marketing for WhizBang Games as it evaluates various forms of Social media in helping to create a "buzz" around the latest game, Master Dynasty; a social game

  • Media Influences on American Culture -

    There is no question here.

    Keep in mind that no one here will do your assignment for you.

  • Media Influences on American Culture -

    How do i go about doing this assignment. That's not what i wnated you to do. I was trying to tell you what i needed to do

  • Media Influences on American Culture -

    Pretend you are Director of Marketing for WhizBang Games company. The company is looking at different kinds of social media (Facebook, Twitter, etc.), and I assume this also includes the ability of some games to be played via Xbox or Wii or whatever AND the Internet so that players can interact socially as they play the game.

    So pretend you are this director and are on the team that is evaluating "Master Dynasty."

    My guesses:
    1. Evaluating games means to compare and contrast this game with others like it, no matter which company produces them.

    2. You and your team are to evaluate this particular game and find out how to market it well. In what ways is it better than the others? In what ways does it need to be improved?

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