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It has been said that Eastern Europe is a political region more than a physical region. Would you agree or disagree with this statement? You must provide a solid argument for your position.

Eastern Europe is tied together as a political region since the end of world war 2. That was when the Soviet Union took them as part of their union and united them under the communist political system. Since the fall of the Soviet Union, Eastern Europe has been looked upon as a region since they have their own similar struggles such as establishing themselves socially, politically, and economically. These struggles often give them identity as a political region.

Geographically, Eastern Europe is joined to the rest of Europe. There are no natural borders, such as mountains, seas, or major lakes, between them. Also, its climate and landforms are the same as the rest of Europe's. With the information above, I agree that it is more political rather than a physical region.

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    Great answer!

    Within a few years, we probably won't even distinguish Eastern and Western Europe as separate regions.

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    I thought it was more of a physical region?

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