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Identify the one underlined word or phrase that should be corrected.
1.Although the piano as we know today(A) didn't exist in Bach's time,he was writting(B) many pieces that are(C) now frequently played on that instrument(D).No error(E).
2.There are times where(A) we must make decisions(B) purely on the basis(C) of the financial recourses at our(D) disposal.No error(E).
3.It(A) did not occur to the interviewer to ask(B) either the job applicant nor(C) his reference whether(D) the applicant had completed the project he initiated.No error(E).
4.The Ivoarian students considered(A) it more disrespectful to look(B) directly into(C) an elder's eyes than to refuse to answer(D) a teacher's question.No error(E)
5.The symphony had not(A) hardly begun when when(B) a group of schoolchildren,who had been forced(C) to attend,began irritating the rest of the audience by talking loudly(D) and kicking the seats.No error(E).

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    1. writing (writting is a misspelling)
    2. I don't like "where" but prefer "when"
    3. either or and neither nor but not half affirmative and half negative
    4. no error (Hispanics have the same feeling often of disrespect looking into an elder's eyes)
    5. had not hardly begun is bad grammar = had hardly begun

    Now, Bayarbold, please attempt the answer yourself FIRST, because it is YOUR work and not OURS. By this post, you should understand what to do. We like the post where you asked the question about have/has versus had. THAT is what we like to see, in addition to YOUR answers.


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