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Hi, I solved this problem, but I want to make sure it is correct:

2 equal charges are separated by 3.7x10^-10m. The force between the charges has magnitude of 2.37x10^-3N.What is the magnitude of q on the charges?

F= ( k x q x q)/ (r^2)
F=2.37 c 10^3 N
k= 9 x 10^9
r= 3.7 x 10^-10
q= 3.64 x 10^-16 << answer<<<

Is this correct? Please let me know asap!

  • Physics -

    q=sqrt[(2.37E-3)(3.7E-10)^2 /(9e9)]

    Paste this into your google search window
    sqrt((2.37E-3)(3.7E-10)^2 /(9e9))

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