History-Civil War

posted by Joanne

Of the Union Generals covered in the course through 1863, who was considered the worst? The.. site you gave me in the past was of no help at all...was mostly timelines..I came up with George B. McClellan ???????

  1. Writeacher


  2. Damon

    I would pick Ambrose Burnside myself. Fredericksburg was an unmitigated disaster due to his stubborn attempt to launch attack after attack on Lee's dug in troops on Marye's Heights. McClellan was no great leader in battle for sure but at least prepared the Army of the Potomac to fight.

  3. Damon

    Joe Hooker sure screwed up C'ville though, and of course you can go back to the Bull Run follies. I would still vote for Burnside though.

  4. Joanne

    Thanks for your opinion Damon...I had Ambrose Burnside 2nd on my list

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