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My sister in grade 5 needs help but i dunt exactly know how to do the answers myself, so if someone can help me out i can explain to her better.

3. You are using a tree diagram with 12 branches to show the possible outcome of a probability experiment What might the experiment have been?

4.a) Spin the spinner 2 times (spinner has the number 2,4,2,4 written on it) and add the numbers, use an experiment and a tree diagram to determine the probability that the sum will be grater than 10.
b? show your answers on a probability line include fractions with their labels.

  • math grade 5 -

    3. you need 12 different outcomes: what about selecting a student at random and finding the probability of him being in grade 1-12?

    4. How can you get more than 10 on a spin of two times? the highest number is 4.

  • math grade 5 -

    4> OOps you have to spin it 3 times not 2 times

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