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College physics

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An airplane is cruising along in a horizontal level flight at a constant velocity, heading due west.
(a) If the weight of the plane is 5.54 104 N, what is the net force on the plane?

(b) With what force does the air push upward on the plane?

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    This is a thinking exercise.

    a) CONSTANT VELOCITY, zero acceleration.

    b) What is the weight of the airplane?

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    The weight of the airplane is 5.54*10^4

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    Thanks for your help

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    A sound source producing 1.00-{\rm kHz} waves moves toward a stationary listener atone-half the speed of sound.
    The frequency that the listener will hear is2000 Hz.
    when the source is stationary and the listener moves towardthe source at one-half the speed of sound, the frequency that thelistener hear became 1500 Hz.
    Explain on physical grounds why thetwo frequencies differ.

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