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I am having a hard time understanding how to arrange these numbers and I have to turn the assignment in tomorrow. Any help would be appreciated.
1. arrange the numbers in terminal digit order.
2. arrange the numbers in middle digit order.
3. arrange the numbers in consecutive order.

24-15-38, 18-03-01, 16-74-34,
17-34-60, 27-11-82, 21-32-71,
21-33-71, 26-00-02, 17-33-60,
19-31-01, 27-10-82, 20-33-70,
29-17-50, 16-74-32, 29-17-51,
18-31-02, 17-31-01, 27-11-42

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    I don't know what you mean by "terminal digit" and "middle digit" order. Do you mean the very last digit of each of the three numbers in each set of numbers? Or the last digit of each 3-number set?

    Same question with "middle digit" order.

    Same question with consecutive order. All the number sets? or just each row of three-set numbers? or what??

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