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total of aniket marks in maths and science together are 100 more than his marks in english.his average markes in tha three subjects are 60.what are his marks in english

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    what kind of name is aniket? ok back to the question, i'm not sure how to explain to you how i solved this one but i did find the answer. I just made one of his subjects marks 60 then i subtracted 20 from 60 and added 20 from 60 so the three mark amounts are 40,60,80. So his marks for english are 40 because 60+80=140-100=40

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    first we consider the mark of english be ' x ' .
    Now the average of three subject is (100+x+x)/3

    Now by the gien condition we get ,

    (100+2x)/3 =60
    100+2x =180

    2x = 180-100
    x = 80/2
    x = 40

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