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1) They tied themseves together and climbed down. However, Joe fell and broke his leg.
2) They decided that Simon would lower him on his rope.The snowstorm became so intense that Simon accidentally left Joe hanging in the air.
3) Simon held on to the rope for over an hour but then he decided to cut the rope.Joe fell onto a piece of ice.
4) Then, in spite of that he crowled down the mountains and finally arrived at the camp.
5) How are the flowers introduce in the first stanza of W. Wordsworth's poem "Daffodils"? What view of nature is presented in the poem? What does the shift of tenses represent? (Can you help me reformulate the verb "represent".

  • English -

    3. comma needed; space needed after period

    4. comma needed; spelling of 7th word

    5. "introduced"

    You can use the word "indicate" instead of "represent" in the last sentence.

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