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Hi i have a question im currently in 7th grade but i was held back a year in first do you think there would be any possible way to advance to 8th grade just curios I believe I have a wide enough knowledge span to pull it off but im just questioning the wheter or not it would be a plausible outcome if I could (im in middle-school)

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    You first need to examine why you want to do this.

    Then discuss this with your parents, teachers, and counselor. They can advise you much better than we can.

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    My suggestion is that you stay put. In the long run, you'll be far better off in high school as an "older" student (older than most of your classmates, that is). That usually means more maturity and better concentration on your studies ... and those can only work to your advantage.

    My older grandson is graduating from high school next week -- and he'll be 19 at the beginning of his university freshman year. He was given the choice of skipping a grade, and he's now very happy he did not.

    I've heard that same story from others who have had the experience or whose children have had the experience.

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    I agree with Writeacher.

    I was double-promoted (skipped a grade) in elementary-middle school. In the long run, I'm not sure it was a good idea. If I had been a year older, I might have done better in my undergraduate years in college.

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