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Can someone help me find more information on George Beers who wrote on Russian Collectivisation?

No webmaster contact available for the website I was on.

I need to assess the sources reliability and I need the authors credidentials...

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    Search at either of these sites;

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    Well a George Beers contributed to a journal about small scale and large scale farming...

    But there is also a dentist, a hockey player, a guy dead before Lenin and a few other randoms.

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    Yes, and that's where you need to exercise your judgment to do the 3rd part of your assignment as listed in your first post here.

    "... to assess the sources reliability and ... authors credidentials."

    If you need help learning how to search, including how to choose good search terms, go here and scroll down to the links under HOW TO SEARCH THE INTERNET:

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    So I'd talk about how its hard to find anyone reputable called George Beers and this could impact on its reliability?

    Would I then also talk about his massive list of references and footnotes, because he did have some great information.

    I found an email for the webmaster and emailed him, so hopefully he replies.

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    Yes, your ideas are good ones. And I'm happy you found an email address for the webmaster.

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    Thanks for all your help XD

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