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Are these well writen sentences?

1. The boy did not accept the tickets, because he felt that he did not deserve them.

2. Everyone was allowed to go to the park, except for the students who had been to the office.

3. The birds are enjoying the new bird bath.

4. When we went to the restaurant our family was seated first.

5. The zebra is a mysterious creature, because of its amazing stripes.

6. It's an honorable decision to go to college.

7. The children are quiet on the bus.

8. I am quite pleased with my new bank.

9. I bought a new vacuum, because my old one quit working.

10. The children went to the movies with their parents.

11. There is only one rain forest in North America.

12. They're an accomplished team, because they all work well together.

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    1, 2, 5, 9, 12 - no commas needed.

    4 - comma needed.

    All else is fine.

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    11. rainforest is one word

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