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chemical formula

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Do i need a chemical formula to calculate the mols of FeSO4*7H20 when given the mols of Fe(II)?

If so i only know that Fe(III) + H2SO4 + H3PO4 are the reactants, and FeSO4*H2O is the product. Help?

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    Ok, your first sentence is given the mols of Fe(II). Did you mean Fe(III) ? I assume so.

    Balance the equation.

    Fe + H2SO4+H3PO4>>FeSO4.7H20 + where did the phosphate go? Your reaction is incomplete

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    the mols for Fe(II) are the same as Fe(III) since the ratio is 1:1.

    And that's the problem with the reaction. I don't know what else is made. I was just given those components. I'm assuming it would yeild FsSO4*7H2O + P? But i am unsure.

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    The only hint I was given was that I use the mols of Fe(II) to find the mols of FeSO4*7H20

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