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hi, can anybody help me for my project...strength and weaknesses of a travel agency any travel agency you know please help tnx

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    Knowledge of the agents to help plan and organize for a complicated trip that includes both air and land travel, for example, a particular route in Europe (or anywhere else) such as this:
    ~ flight from US to Ireland (say, New York to Galway)
    ~ lodgings and car rental for a 4-day stay
    ~ flight to Paris
    ~ lodgings and car rental for 10-day stay in various places, particularly the Alsace-Lorraine area, including a trip to Stuttgart in Germany
    ~ etc., etc.

    Ability to access recommendations regarding hotels and other lodging, so that a traveler doesn't end up in a dump while paying high prices.

    Help with money exchange issues.


    Ability of travelers to save some money by making their own reservations via the Internet and sites, such as Expedia.

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    thank you very much!

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