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1.why were immigrants and african americans hired to build the transcontinental railroad?A.they lived near the railroad?B.they were extremely skilled.C.they would work for very low wages.D.all of the above

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    They lived near the railroad? Ridiculous, the Chinese lived in China, and the negroes were mainly in the South.

    They were skilled? In railroad building? again, ridiculous, I would venture to guess less than one in 500 had ever done that kind of work.

    D? Ridiculous.

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    how about this one....

    Before railroads, communities across the united states.

    A. fought the railroad's arrival.
    B. kept their own time.
    C. were organized into time zones.
    D. found it easier to transpot goods to market.

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    where did the traditions of the the cowhand begin? A.the confederate army? B.the vaqueros C.african american culture immigrants

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    Joe -- Bobpursley gave you the answer to the first question. Now it's your turn.

    We'll be glad to check your answers to the last two questions you posted.

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    for #1 I think its C.and #2 A

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    communities welcomed railroads, and fought each other, and bribed officials, so they would be on the railroad route. Railroads were seen as the pathway to economic gain, just as good roads are now seen.

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    Also, the railroads caused people to adopt time zones. Before that time, each community operated on its own time.

    Check this site for 2.

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