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I need help really bad since I am majorly stuck due to things happening in the family. My GPA thus far for this course is a 4.0, however, now I am stumped.

Please complete the following projects using MS Word. Save the project as Unit 4 Project. Jesse wants to see a context diagram, and a diagram 0 DFD for TIMS.

1. Jesse wants to see a context diagram, and a diagram 0 DFD for TIMS.

2. Prepare a reply to Jesse's message about CASE tools. Search the Internet to find two more alternatives. (SCR-TIMS Work Session, Session 4, Part #3)

I spoke to several of the JAD participants, and it sounds like the team did a fine job.

Now we're ready to build a logical model of TIMS. Based on the JAD summary, the entities probably should include instructors, students, corporate clients, course listings, and the training administrator. TIMS will interface with the SCR accounting system, so be sure to include it as an entity.

After you review the JAD summary, create a context diagram, and DFD diagram 0.

I think at least four processes are involved: the system must manage course scheduling, register students, maintain training records, and produce reports. I'd also like to see a lower-level diagram for one or more of the processes that you identify in diagram 0. You can label the data flows in a general manner on the context diagram, then go into more detail in the lower-level diagrams.
I know we use Popkin's System Architect and Visible Analyst, but I want you to suggest at least two additional CASE tools that we might want to examine. I'm not sure whether our files are up-to-date, so you might have to perform some research on the Internet. Be sure to find out what the latest versions are and whether demo versions are available. Thanks.
Here's another development: I spoke to Jill Martin and Amy Hawkins today, and I learned that we'll offer various discounts on training course fees. The idea is that students can receive one or more discounts if they register for multiple courses or are employed by SCR's corporate clients. Jill and Amy have three specific rules in mind:

All students will be eligible for a discount when they enroll for a second course. Let's call that discount rate A.

Whether or not they register for multiple courses, any student who currently is employed by one of SCR's corporate clients will be eligible for a discount. Let's call that discount rate B.

From time to time, Amy Hawkins, as client service representative, will waive the employment requirement for discount B. Amy plans to use that discount as a marketing tool.

When you develop process descriptions for TIMS, remember to include a logical model that represents those rules. I'd like to see both an initial decision table that shows all possibilities and a simplified version. Also, please include a decision tree. Thanks.

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