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Could you please check these sentences for me? Can you help me express the following ideas better?
Thank you.

1) If you don't get a "passed" out of your last written test you'll have to take a make-up exam in English August (to make up for your low mark in English).
2) I'm going to dictate you the title of your summer holiday book. It is the abridged editon of Conrad's Heart of Darkness edited by Ciden.
3) You'll have to do the post-reading activities as well as make the summary of each chapter.
4) The book's price is 8 Euros. (or The book costs 8 Euros). The class representives have to collect the money from (?) their classamates and keep it ready (I don't know ho to express it)for next time.
5) The class representative will come and bring you the books. You must have collected the money by the end of this week.
6) You are left (given) the task (are in charge) of collecting the money and
giving it to the sales representative.
7) We were given a box lunch by the hotel. (is it OK now?)

  • English -

    1. If you don't pass your last written test, you'll have to take a make-up exam in August.

    2. I'm going to tell you ...
    comma after "Darkness"

    3. comma after "activities"

    4. Basically it's OK. You might want to rephrase the last part like this: ...and keep it handy for next time.

    5. OK

    6. You are given the task of...

    7. OK, yes!

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