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How do I use the LOC website to find information onf the Soviet Union?


  • Research -
    Use the search box (upper right corner) to find books, etc., in the LOC collection on your topic.

    Also try these search results:

    Also ... do you have access to a public library? Even if you go to the library only once to get a library card, you may be able to get the passwords, etc., to access the huge databases most libraries subscribe to these days. You'll often find better information through them than through general searches on the Internet.

    Here is an example -- one college's library website (but public libraries usually have many of these, too): (Broken Link Removed)
    Click on Electronic Resources/Databases to see the different databases this particular college provides for its students. EBSCOhost, ProQuest, and are among the largest and best.

    What does your library provide? That's a good place to research.

  • General -


    My library gives me access to Brittanica, proquest, oxford reference. I can also access JSTOR through a state library membership.

    I've been trying to change to using journals and databases, I have found I suddenly rely on books more :)

  • Research -

    Having access to JSTOR is marvelous. They really have excellent content.

    Some libraries also have bought access to some ebook databases -- for those that are still under copyright and cannot be found in other ebook sites online, such as or

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