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Please help-What is the equation of the ellipse with foci (0,6), (0,-6) and co-vertices (2,0),(-2,0)

Please explain the steps because I have 5 to do for homework-Thank you-I'm really stuck on this

  • Algebra-Pleasehelp and check my work -

    I'm thinking this should be
    a^2 -2^2 = 6^2
    a^2 = 40
    so the equation would be x^2/4 + y^2/40 = 1
    Is that correct?

  • Algebra -

    That is correct solution.

  • Algebra-please recheck -

    Could you recheck my answer because I just realized it can't be write-it's not a choice-
    could it be x^2/1 +y^2/40 =1 or would it be x^2/1 + y^2/36 = 1
    Those were the only two choices

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