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Choose the best answer:

1. The L-1, along with the L-3 and L-4, ( show, shows, showing ) some sign of degeneration.
Answer: show

2. She did not know (whom, who, whomever) to see about the recurrent congestion.
Answer: who

3. The patient's physician contacted the anesthesiologist and ( I, me, we ) on January 9.
Answer: me

Thank You so Much -
calling it a night - watch Idol - bed.

  • grammar -

    I think for #3. it just sounds better to use the word me.
    I am finding that I am using flow of the sentence and common sense more than the rules - unless the 12+ years and College I have and "Life" gives me the correct answer 85% of the time.

  • grammar -

    For #2 I would have put "whom"

  • grammar -

    1. shows (it's singular because the subject is "L-1")

    2. whom

    3. (correct)

  • grammar -

    Thank You so much Writeacher, Ms Sue and all the others -
    I really appreciate being able to bounce my answers off you -

    and I am pretty happy that I am getting over 85% on my own - and understanding it. This just proves that you can be out of school for awhile (won't say how long) and still retain the knowledge.
    Good night -

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